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The history of GC Participações is marked by an entrepreneurial vision and a focus on technology and innovation. Since its foundation in 2003, the company has been dedicated to enabling new entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into great businesses.

With a focus on intellectual property systems and e-commerce, GC Participações has invested in diverse segments of the virtual market, filling a gap and offering its expertise to prominent entrepreneurs and individuals in the industry.

The startups of GC Participações have become successful virtual stores, thanks to the strategies and systems developed over the years. The company's B2C sector is prepared to operate in retail with virtual stores, implementing new projects in record time.

GC Participações has also expanded its presence in the consulting and business management sector, offering preparation, organization, and qualification services for virtual market businesses. The company has started managing and accelerating the process of some startups, strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Furthermore, in 2017, GC Participações created GC - Logistics, which focuses on consulting for restructuring the logistics operation and adapting to the demands of the virtual market. Major manufacturers and distributors have started utilizing the company's logistics process.

GC Participações continues to grow and expand, investing in the expansion of e-commerce models and segments. Currently, it has 5 stores formed as Specific Purpose Entities (SPE) with their own brands, making it a notable case in the virtual activities field.

The vision of GC Participações is to become a reference in the national and international market, realizing new dreams and projects to establish the company as a recognized and respected name. The leadership of GC Participações trusts in God and believes that His goodness will be present in all moments.


GC Participações




GC - B2C

E-commerce Development

GC - B2C is a company that develops e-commerce projects with its own platform and with total project management, commercial strategies, consultancy and financial contribution of the system costs, which may be from GC Participações.


GC - Real State

GC Imóveis is responsible for our real state, developing investments for the real estate sector with the implementation of allotments and commercial sales of products to strategic investors in the real estate sector.



GC Participações launched Startup GC International on the market with the application of GC Finance, which operates in the payment links segment, accelerating the way in which products are sold, optimizing the process of registering suppliers' products to a direct platform of B2B e-commerce. Generating efficiency in the sales process that meet the demand of national and international retail chains using the virtual market. Offering ease, quality and organization for the commercialization of products in real time.


GC - Análises Estratégicas e Inteligentes 

GC Analytica is a company from GC Participações, which has in its competences, the intelligence of the applied use of data, analysis and systematic reasoning to follow a decision-making process, being more efficient to customers. GC Analytics can be applied in different lines of business.


GC - Logística

GC-Log, a consultancy that solves the problem of logistical operationalization of companies in the furniture sector, to serve customers who purchase from retail chains and need to be confident in receiving their purchase with quality, safety and speed.


GC - Trading

GC Participações presents its body and team specialized in Import and Export, working with the product research market and suppliers of ideas that your company needs, detecting which are the possible markets that your product can operate; and assist in the entire presentation of your products to the International Market. We detect and inform the most suitable international suppliers for your business.

GC Participations

Project Structure and Startup

Trust and Credibility is what moves us!


Consultants working in the daily market, managing several companies from different segments in the national and international market.


The services sector operates with real estate agency and development of real state projects with investments for the market.


We operate with B2C commerce, with full capacity to assist companies in the retail segment in Brazil and abroad, for sale on the web.

"If you believe you can you are right, now if you believe you cannot, you are also right" Henry Ford