About Us

About Us

GC Participações em Gestão de Risco

Nossa motivação é impulsionada pela confiança e credibilidade

We all have a story, and when we turn that story into a legacy of entrepreneurial principles that generate opportunities for products and services, it is only fair to share the beginning of the journey, the challenges faced, the victories achieved, and the defeats encountered. Additionally, it is important to present to our clients and business partners the next steps towards our continuous growth.

Our CEO and Founder, Rafael Coelho, is a natural-born entrepreneur who established his first company in 2003, focusing on the technology market with a strong emphasis on online services and commerce. Over the years, we have served over 280 companies in the corporate market and acquired more than 80,000 clients nationwide.

Rafael Coelho is also the author of the literary works "Seja o Estagiário de Sucesso" published in 2005, and "Do Estágio ao Emprego em 10 Passos" published in 2007. These works have become references in inspiring interns to pursue entrepreneurship. Currently, Rafael is personally leading the Projeto Escola do Estagiário, dedicated to empowering interns for professional success.

In the e-commerce market, we are recognized for being disruptive and for developing innovative strategies that are being implemented by our partner companies within GC. We have a proven track record of breaking paradigms and delivering exceptional results.

In the real estate market, GC Participações stands out as one of the top companies in strategy for land development and urbanization startups. We have solid partnerships and also own a company in the construction materials sector within our group.

We are committed to continuing to build a legacy of success, innovation, and entrepreneurship. GC Participações is ready to face future challenges and to continue providing exceptional solutions to our clients and business partners.