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Loja C is a company from GC Participações founded in 2003, with a great entrepreneurial mission of always innovating and seeking what is fair to be operating in the increasingly competitive and technological market.

Loja C, has in its concept to be a sustainable store, being concerned with the entire chain of companies, including acting with actions with institutes and companies with the focus, to be sustainable, when on each sale Loja C acts with environmental contributions, social and economic.

The presence of Loja C in the e-commerce market is essential for the dissemination of this type of action, so that the resources are allocated to sustainability in an active, transparent and reliable way.

The collaboration of each consumer will always be represented by Loja C, which will be encouraging, contributing and respecting the Whole, with the contributions given to institutes and companies active in this sustainable and socio-economic market.

Coworking Address - SC

AV. Luiz Boiteaux Piazza, 1302 - Cachoeira do Bom Jesus
Florianópolis - SC - CEP: 88.056-000
Contatos de E-mail: sac@lojac.com.br

Call Center
(055+48) 9.9129.1019

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