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ODONTO CONNECTION is a Startup company from GC Participações, which has in its competences the intelligence of the applied use of data, analysis and systematic reasoning to follow a process already applied to several companies of the Group, such as logistics, purchases and intelligent systems of national franchises .

With the merger between the Startup of Odonto Connection and GC Participações, we realized the need to create a smart company focused on the dental world, with positive, valuable and collaborative strategies with professionals in the field.

The modern world has several facilities for the acquisition and commercialization of products and services, which were currently available to dental surgeons, but there was no way of integrating activities and commerce.

Odonto Connection Presents an innovative and totally aggregating solution to the market and collaboration between everyone involved in the dental market.

Franchise model of Odonto Connection allows the candidate an exclusivity in the municipality where he works, as well as remuneration on products and services sold on the portal, generating results for his company and clinic.

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Coworking Address - SC

AV. Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 1302 - Cachoeira do Bom Jesus

Florianópolis - SC - CEP: 88.056-000

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Provisional email: odontoconnection@gmail.com

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(55+048) 99129.1019

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